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Some would say I’ve yet to meet a charity I didn’t like. While that may not be 100% accurate, I do seem to be getting involved in fundraising and volunteer work more often these days.

This month my efforts will be focused on Movember. What’s Movember you ask?

Movember is an annual, month-long celebration of the moustache, highlighting men’s health issues – specifically prostate cancer.

The money raised in Canada goes directly to Prostate Cancer Canada. Prostate Cancer Canada will use the money raised by Movember for the development of programs related to awareness, public education, advocacy, support of those affected, and research into the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of prostate cancer.

Blatently stolen from the Movember website at

Like most women, I have no desire to grow a moustache. We pay good money to get rid of even the suggestion of a moustache. And, like my follicle challenged team leader, Landon, my husband is equally unable to grow a decent moustache. Not for lack of trying on his part. I believe the end result of his most recent attempt was nicknamed the “70’s porn ‘stache” for good reason.


You can donate to moi or my Movember team using your Credit Card or Paypal account. All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Let the men wear their moustaches with pride and send me all your cashy money 😉

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