movember challenge continues

Scribbled down on November 6th, 2009 by she
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After a day off to re-think my fundraising strategy – I’m back. I’ve decided that my personal goal is to try and reach $880 before anyone else on the team. In order to get there I’m going to need every one of you, my loyal blog readers (that’s at least 5 people, right?), to donate a few shekels to the cause. I’d ask my “Facebook friends” but apparently they’re already sick of my daily #movember status updates and not as friendly as they make out to be.

I’m also silly enough to agree to wear a fake moustache at work at the end of the month (or perhaps even while at a convention in LA in a few weeks) if I surpass the goal.

There might even be pictures.

Highlights of today’s begging post:

  1. My goal is to raise $880 (more is always welcome) for Movember before the end of the month.
  2. If I raise the $880 before any other member of my team, I’ll get a fake moustache and wear it to work.
  3. If I raise the $880 before Nov. 20, I’ll wear the fake moustache at a convention in LA where friends and strangers will have ample opportunity to heckle me.
  4. If you haven’t already please donate to the cause. Help in the battle to wipe out prostate cancer.

I’m going to pretend the glass is half-full today and assume I can make the goal. Cause I know y’all love me and support my charity works. That said, anyone know where I can get a fake moustache in Edmonton?

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  1. Together, our team managed to surpass the $880 goal (we raised just over $920) but unfortunately I didn’t reach my goal of $880 by myself. I did manage to raise close to $470 thanks to some awesome friends and family. Great job everyone. Don’t forget to tell the men in your lives to get checked for prostate cancer regularly.

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