Christmas Wish List Challenge – Results

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Shortly before Christmas I posted a Christmas Wish List Challenge. In it we asked that friends and family who had the means choose to donate to a local charity or worthy cause that was near and dear to them rather than buying presents for Drew and I. I’m thrilled to report that our challenge was adopted not only by friends and family that we would normally exchange gifts with, but also by neighbours and childhood friends who we normally sent Christmas cards to. The generosity people have show continues to amaze me.

Since I didn’t have a change to ask everyone who sent cards listing the charity they donated to, donors will be listed by first names only.

Me and She (that’s us):


Mom & Dad S:

Earle & Paulette:

Diane & Mark

  • Local (Southern Ontario) Food Bank


Paul & Wendy

Amber & Jay

Some of the participants chose to give of themselves rather than just spend money. I have to admit, Mare’s choice was one of my favourites this year. Mare is the wonderful and talented woman who knitted Jayne hats for Drew and I for Christmas last year (delivered a bit late…but no worries, they made it to Comic Con in July). She has pledged to knit 10 tiny Jayne style hats (minus the funky colours) for the Saint John Regional Hospital NICU.

In our neighbourhood a group of us adopted a single parent family in order to provide them with a Christmas meal and presents. Sylvie, Jeri, Les, Drew and I spent a few days shopping for food for the basket and presents appropriate for a 9 year old girl before dropping off the baskets on Christmas Eve. While we didn’t know much about the family we’d adopted, I must say it’s more fun to shop for this situation than for Santa’s Anonymous.

Finally, members of the #yeg Twitter community attended a wrapping tweetup for Santa’s Anonymous in early December. It was a lot of fun but also a tiny bit heartbreaking to see how many people needed help this holiday season.

Haven’t yet donated but still want to? Can’t decide on which charity to support? Any Edmonton based Twitter users are invited out to #yegRoma on January 9, 2010. #yegRoma is in support of the Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad (CAMTA) trip to Ecuador in late February of 2010.

I know many others have participated in the challenge but haven’t yet contacted me to indicate who/what they chose to support. Feel free to leave that information in the comments section.

**Thank you to everyone who participated. You’ve made our Christmas – and someone else’s – a lot brighter this year.**

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