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I finally broke down and bought some new clothes last night. I’m heading to an education conference next week and got a wake up call on my wardrobe at work yesterday. My pants were falling off (again) and the seat of the pants was pretty much sagging to my knees. I also didn’t have any blouses left that I could comfortably wear to work. They’re all so big now that they just made me look super frumpy.

Once more through the laundry machine to ensure they’re all clean and I’ll be adding the pants and blouses to the bags of clothes we’re donating. 

My closet seems so much bigger now that it’s nearly empty! Half of it is taken up with workout clothes. I expect when I get closer to my goal that will change drastically.

It’s oddly difficult to give up clothes I’ve been wearing in order to make room for proper fitting ones. I haven’t yet added my “skinny” jeans to the mix but I know I should. They were the first pair of women’s jeans I’d purchased when I started losing weight but they’re at least 2 sizes too big now.

Shopping was an interesting experience. Mostly because I had no clue what size I wore. Sure, I know that the clothes I had previously are all too big, but I didn’t know what the right size would be. Vanity sizing continues at most women’s clothing stores it appears. While the shirt size was pretty consistent, I ended up buying pants and skirts in 3 different sizes!

All of what I’ve just bought should still fit fine when we go on our family cruise in 3 weeks. I do have to pick up a few things like shorts and (probably) jeans for the cruise though. I’m just bringing my super crazy extra large shorts with me to the conference. When I get home I’ll worry about replacing them with a few pairs of medium sized shorts.  Can’t give up all my clown clothes at once.

I should also mention that hubs, while wandering around the store helping me pick out new clothes (which he’s never willingly participated in to this degree in the past), found a great dress for me to wear to the conference awards gala dinner. It should also work great on the cruise if we decide to dress up one evening. All I have to do now is figure out how to walk in strappy sandal type shoes without killing myself.

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