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There’s a new US based individual using my email address as theirs. They’re giving it out willy nilly, registering for services, sharing with friends, and driving me bonkers.

After 10 years of getting personal messages (banking, job related, school, etc.) for “Sade” and a few months worth of messages for “Steve”, I’m now getting personal & business messages for someone named “Samudio”.

Really people, how hard is it to learn your own email address?

  1. I’ve had this email address for well over a decade. I don’t care if we share initials or a last name, it’s mine. My precious!
  2. There’s little more annoying than getting requests to reset passwords on accounts and services I’ve registered for using my own email address. That Linked-In profile is mind gorram it!
  3. I am not US based. While I’m sure they are lovely places to visit, I don’t live in New Jersey, Brooklyn or South Carolina.  Never have. Doubt I ever will.
  4. These people are damn lucky I believe in protecting their general privacy as the personal details I know about them is incredible. And I’ve never had to google them to get any of this info!

So much for 100 days of positivity…

UPDATED: Feb 2015: I thought I’d suffered through it all. One should know this is never the case. A 50+ year old man in the US registered for an account on Ashley Madison using my email address a few weeks ago. The only bonus in this situation is that the company quickly responded to my request to have my email disassociated with this “gentleman’s”  account. It’s probably the only time I didn’t have to fight to get my email address off of a crazy account or mailing list.

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