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Spent the morning at my first ever Breakfast Bloggers group outing. A few months back I joined a group of very interesting blogging women located in and around Edmonton for dinner. They normally meet for breakfast (which sometimes morphs into lunch) but since I work full-time I was never able to join them. So to accommodate my joining the party we all went out for dinner. I’m not to good with meeting new people so I dragged Drew along. D [Colours of Dawn] was going to bring her blogging hubby SD [Sirdar] along but he wasn’t feeling well and missed out on dinner at the Greek restaurant (and meeting Drew).

Before we knew that Drew would be leaving we had all planned to meet for another dinner. Just my luck that the selected date turned out to be the day Drew flew out. Others were ill or had last minute committments arise that eventually led to a mass exodus of dinner participants. We rescheduled the dinner to a breakfast session held today.

Many of the Breakfast Bloggers have mentioned in past entries that the time passes quickly during the breakfast sessions and they can morph into lunch sessions.

Today we visited a nice little restaurant for brekky at 9am and before we knew it was 2pm. At that point we had to stay for lunch :). I finally met SD and caught up on N’s [My Friend Told Me I Should] pregnancy status. D2 [A Step at a Time] had to leave quickly after lunch and was very sneaky – paying the bills for all our lunches on her way out the door. Thanks D2!

Before long it was past 4pm and time for everyone to run home. I caught a ride with J2 [A Spot of  T] (if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen her Tweet from my account this morning – had to show off the iPhone) as I haven’t been sleeping well and was worried about driving to the west end and back while horribly sleep deprived.

I had a fabulous time and am now exhausted. I am hoping to stay awake for a few more hours and that my sleep rhythms will reset themselves. I am tired of not being able to sleep until 4am and getting up at 9am…

My only regret is that I don’t get to join everyone on a regular basis because of work. Everyone is so different and yet get along together so well. I’ve never before met such an interesting group of women. I do have some vacation time accrued and should seriously consider taking the odd day off to attend future group meals.

Home just before 5pm with little time to finish off Drew’s care package and get it to the Post Office for shipping. Oops! Guess I’ll get it into the mail tomorrow.

*Names are obscured to protect the not so innocent. Go read their blogs to find out who they are. But you should already know – since every good blogger or commenter should be reading their blogs *grin*

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  1. It was a great time. Glad you could join us. And time does fly.

  2. LOL “not so innocent” LOL It was another great time. I’m always amazed it goes so long yet we always find things to talk about. Here’s hoping you can make it to many more!!

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