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Scribbled down on September 3rd, 2007 by she
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Some classes started at college last week and I was pretty swamped getting everything ready for the new batch of students.  This week the remaining students return to school and as of tomorrow, I too start plugging away at my latest batch of classes at university.  There’s an increasing level of excitement as the students return to the buildings and our quiet domain that we lorded over this summer has become a hive of activity as both the instructors and students begin filling the halls.

After completing the course I was designing and getting the remainder of the course sites on-line, I’ve shifted my focus in the evenings and weekends to attempting to complete some pre-reading for my own class this fall.  From what I’ve seen so far I’m certain this will be one of the more difficult courses I’ll be attempting to complete this year – mostly because I’ll need to keep my opinions in check and attempt to behave myself during discussions. *sigh*

There are days, like today, where I wonder why I’m heading back to school at all…

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3 Responses to “back to the grind”

  1. It is always hard to contort yourself to suit something like the course where you’ll have to censor yourself. Personally, I roll my eyes when corporate lingo abolishes words like ‘complain’ and ‘problem’ and replaces them with ‘vent’ and ‘issues’. I’m going to continue to complain about my problems and too bad for the corporate boobs who made that up in a ridiculous meeting.

  2. Hey, I went on vacation and didn’t miss a thing. Sounds like you are going to be really busy this fall. It is hard to hold back opinions in places that you will be on a regular basis. I am opinionated, and I can get in trouble with it, but as I am getting older, I have more self control in spouting my opinion.

  3. Blog girl, blog!

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