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I know. It’s been a while. If the few nasty-grams I got via email are anything to go by, I actually have a few readers left who miss my writing *grin*

Yesterday was a good day all around. I received my PLAR assessment from school and (pending passing my current course) I’m to receive 12 transfer credits from previous university classes to count towards the current degree. Yippee! Of course, instead of working on the paper that’s due on Monday, I’m blogging. So, perhaps I shouldn’t count my chickens before they’re hatched…

Last night we headed out to see the Leafs play the Oilers in pre-season action. If last night’s game was anything to go by, I predict a short and disappointing season for the Oil. Sure, they won in overtime, but the 3rd period goalie was lucky they managed to get out alive. It seems that stick handling is still a challenge for the Oil. Add to that some unnecessary showboating instead of the requisite teamwork and it made for a pretty disappointing game.

On the other hand the starting goalie, Mathieu Garon, was a pleasant surprise and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him during the upcoming season.

I’m not a hockey player *shame on me* but there’s a few pieces of advice I can’t help but share with my beloved Oil:

  • See those hard black things with laces on them? They’re called skates. You put your feet in the end with the hole and the shiney metal bit connects with the ice. Try it sometime…
  • And that black hard rubber round thingy is called a puck. Use the wooden (or composite) thingy – otherwise known as a stick – to shove it around the ice.
  • Speaking of the puck, if you don’t chase it you’ll never catch it.
  • If you don’t shoot the puck you’ll never score.
  • Pass the puck to the guys wearing the same colour jersey as yourself. It’s one thing to lose the puck on the boards of have it swiped from you. It’s another thing entirely to PASS the puck to members of the opposing team!
  • Records are great and always meant to be broken. However, there’s no need to set (or break) the record for having the most penalty minutes in a game. Try keeping all the players on the ice and see how many times the puck ends up in the net.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope they iron out the bugs. I’d love another cup run in my backyard.

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5 Responses to “blades of glory”

  1. Wise advice, even for a non-hockey-playing sort as yourself. Did the Oilers chase the puck around, too, or did they maintain their positions?

    I’ve missed you, too. I’m just not into Nastygrams.

  2. Hey, Sheelagh! Remember me? Hope you’re doing okay ^_^ Just wanted to say hi.

  3. I hope the Oilers do well. I am not into watching all the games, but I don’t mind going to the odd one, and when it comes right down to it, I always hope they win.

  4. Nice advices LOL

  5. Some Suggestions We Don’t Need…

    Found this wandering around the Internet, thought it is amusing so I decided to share.
    I’m not a hockey player *shame on me* but there’s a few pieces of advice I can’t help but share with my beloved Oil:

    See those hard black things with laces on…

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