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Anyone fancy a nightly trip down to the Ledge beginning next week?

A remarkable vigil to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the World War I armistice will be held across Canada and in London, England.

From the Vigil website:

1914-1914 Vigil

The Vigil The vigil will take place at the Alberta Legislature. As with every vigil, it runs for seven nights, starting at 5:00pm each evening, The first name appears at 5:15pm. Each night’s vigil will be 13 hours long, ending at sunrise the following day. The vigil will then recommence at 5:00pm and run another 13 hours. The last name will appear as dawn breaks on November 11th.

The Names The vigil will commence in Edmonton November 4th 2008. More than 9,700 names will appear each night. Each individual name will appear only once during the seven nights. The names include those killed in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, the Canadian Merchant Navy and the Canadian Army Medical Corps. The names appear in the same sequence in each vigil location.

Searching The Names To find the exact night and time when a specific name will appear, use the Search Names tab located at the top of this page. The names appearing in the vigil will have no order or ranking. Each man or woman was equal in death.

Vigil Locations This vigil is also taking place in other Canadian cities and in London, England. You can access these vigils by using the Time Zones, Ottawa or London tabs located above. We encourage you to attend in person or to view the simultaneous vigil presentations created on each region’s webpage.

Educational Opportunities The History Society is helping to organize local schools and community groups to animate all of the vigil sites. If interested in participating in the vigil go to www.historysociety.ca/vigil. Teachers are encouraged to explore the educational resources available for classes at the website.

Lest we forget.

For those who are unable to attend a live event, the Vigil will be streamed live on the Internet at the Vigil 1914-1918 Web site.

h/t: Mark over at the Torch.

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  1. Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

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