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Two papers due this week and I’ve spent the bulk of the weekend in my office madly typing away.  I’m beginning to grasp some of the content of my Enviro Chem class and have yet to decide if this new development is disturbing or a good thing.  That said, I doubt I’ll be pulling off an 3.7 in this class and will likely need to settle for something in the range of a B when the ink dries from my final exam.

This semester’s Psych class is, I think, going much better.  My brain seems to find the topics far more interesting and the textbook has finally stopped putting me to sleep when I read it. Seems like progress to me.

I’m still waiting for a final decision on my “visiting student” application for a Stats class for Winter semester.  Hopefully that will arrive next week so I can enroll in the class before it’s too late.

Speaking of Winter semester classes, it’s about to get really busy at work.  Only a few short weeks left before they’ll have to be completed and ready to hand over to the Con Ed. dept. for delivery.  Work. Work. Work.

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  1. The fun just never ends, does it?

    Good luck getting enrolled in the Stats class!!

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