I will survive

Scribbled down on October 28th, 2008 by she
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T minus four days before my Enviro Chem and Psych papers are due. I’m about 75% complete on the EC paper and approximately 40% of the way through my Psych paper. I’ve finished my research and all the associated reading and scribbled pages of notes. All that is left is to put it all together in a coherent manner.

I’m feeling pretty happy this evening since I’ve been informed by my dentist that I’m not due back in the office until April. My dentist and his staff are wonderful people and do their best to always set me at ease. They do great work; with my genetic failings that’s not an easy feat. I’m greatful for all they do. That said, I’m thrilled to not have to return to the office for at least another six months.

Adding to my joy is the option to preorder the new QMx Mal statue today and the release of new Dr. Horrible tshirt designs at J!NKS. Can’t wait for my allowance on Friday so I can go shopping.

Back to the grindstone. Must. Complete. Papers. By. Friday.

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